The AMI Group of Companies

Celebrating a Decade of Excellence

As The AMI Group of Companies’ celebrates over a decade of assisting blue chip companies on five continents, we marvel at the accomplishment of having such an admired list of world class clients.

We continue to move into new markets, such as China and Australia. Our business model allows us to maintain our ever-present enthusiasm, competitive positioning, agility, accomplished colleagues and a growing list of Fortune 1000 clients around the world.

AMI started out making a great impression on our clients, which has now become a strong history of exceeding client expectations. It is not enough to merely fulfill functions for clients that are short of resources. We consistently try to dazzle, with a strong price/value proposition, a global team of talented professionals that represent the substance and composition of a group of which, we are very proud.

David J. Howell
President & CEO

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